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Our Vision

Our vision is the holistic development of young women through academic excellence, intellectual, moral and spiritual growth to equip them for service to society and mould them as responsible citizens.

Our Mission

We envisage to groom young women as agents of love, justice and peace through love of God, pursuit of knowledge, moral integrity and social responsibility. We dedicate ourselves to inculcate in young Marians deep rooted commitment to society and build a society which promoted faith, religious harmony and national integration.

Our Motto

Our motto “SCIENTIA ET DISCIPLINA” in Latin means “KNOWLEDGE AND DISCIPLINE” It stands for the twin aspects of personal growth and personality development of young Marians. It involves not merely an intellectual, physical and cultural training, but rather the holistic development of students through hard work.

Our Monogram

The Carmelite frame of the monogram signifies the CMC religious congregation by which our Alma Mater is administered. AVM (AVE VIRGO MARIA in Latin translated as HAIL VIRGIN MARY in English ) seeks protection and patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, while the Royal Crown on the crest is in honour of her. The book with the Greek alphabets Alpha and Omega symbolizes God, the Almighty. The dove typify the Holy Spirit without whom learning never bear fruits.

Our Aims and Objectives

By education we aim at the formation of the human person with respect to his/ her ultimate goal and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which as a human being, she/ he is a member and in whose responsibilities as an adult she/he will share (II Vatican Council, Declaration on Christian Education, Article1).
Our aim is to educate and empower women belonging to all the communities and to train them to serve the society and ultimately the nation. The College stands for the holistic development of young women through education, which focuses on the following Core Values.

Our Core Values

Love of God

Academic Excellence

Moral Values

Women Empowerment

Service to Society and Nation